Sample Projects

Projects from 2009 to the Present (after reorganization as a small business)

    • Cyber-Physical Systems: 2013 Grantees Conference, Sponsor: NSF
    • Support of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, Sponsor: 12 Federal Agencies
    • Nano Environmental Health and Safety Workshop, Sponsor: NSF
    • ScienceUSblog (on international S&T policy) blog


Projects from 2001 to 2008 (after spin off as a non-profit)

    • High Temperature Electronics in Japan (Dmitriev), Sponsors: ONR, NSF Report
    • High Temperature Electronics in Europe (Dmitriev), Sponsors ONR, NSF Report
    • Asian Electronics Manufacturing Update (Boulton),Sponsor ONR Report
    • Quantitative Systems Biology Workshop, Sponsor: NSF
    • Asian Telecommunications Update (Iskander), Sponsor ONR
    • Asian Telecommunications Update: Mainland China (Iskander), Sponsor: MITRE Corporation
    • Molecular Dynamics Worldwide (Holian), Sponsor: MITRE Corporation


Projects from 1992 to 2001 at Loyola / ITRI

  • ITRI conducted over 30 international studies as a division of Loyola University Maryland
  • These include assessments of R&D in manufacturing, IT, energy, subsea technologies, displays, and others
  • Titles and links to full text reports are Here
  • ITRInews (60 issues of an online newletter on international S&T)