About Us

Who we are: The International Technology Research Institute, Inc. (dba ITRI, Inc. or ITRI2) is a spin-off of Loyola University Maryland. ITRI is chartered to provide information and analysis in support of the U.S. R&D enterprise — including direct customers in the U.S. Government and consumers of our information in the broader U.S. research community. ITRI has evolved into the small business subsidiary of the World Technology Evaluation Center, Inc. (WTEC), which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

History: WTEC and ITRI were both spun off of Loyola University Maryland in 2001 to cooperate in providing research services to Federal agencies and private sector clients. WTEC and ITRI lead the nation in conducting international research assessments via peer review, with over 80 such studies. Together ITRI and WTEC have organized more than 100 workshops for NSF. Panelists are some of the nation’s leading experts, including some who have served as NSF Director, Directors (3) of the DOE Office of Science, Chief of Naval Research (in charge of ONR), NIGMS Director, and hundreds of other scientists and engineers. WTEC and ITRI have grown 12% per year since spinoff, to $3.5 million in grants and contracts in 2012.

What we do: International studies cover a wide range of technologies: electronics, bioengineering, manufacturing, IT, and others. Most reports become books by major publishers. Recent ones include two each by Kluwer and the Imperial College Press, and six by Springer. All reports are posted athttp://wtec.org/reports.htmor http://itri2.com/projects.html

Partners: Previous and current sponsors include most Federal research agencies: NSF, NIH, DOD, NASA, DOE, NIST, USDA, FDA, EPA, et al.